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This guide is designed to enhance those glutes while also toning your overall body. Three of the major muscle groups you will be enhancing are: Gluteus Maximus, Gluteus Minimus, Gluteus Medius muscles. This program is a six-week program that requires the client to delegate five days per week to physical activity. Three days will be focused on resistance training (weightlifting) and the other two will consist of HIIT training and abdominal training.  Each week you will be given exercises with the number of reps and sets to do for each exercise. On the days of resistance training, it is beneficial to activate your glutes after the warmup and before starting the exercises to receive the best results from this program. Each exercise will come with a thorough demonstration of how to do each exercise. For every two weeks there will be a bi-weekly progression on what to expect for the following weeks ahead. 


Build the Butt, Lose the Gut (Workout Plan)

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